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    Brazilian Blowout and Keratin Smoothing

    Brazilian and Keratin treatments can have additional product charge of 35$ (depending on hair)


    *The Original Brazilian Blowout Treatment

    Popular for every hair type- The original Blowout smooths frizz and allows hair to dry and style effortlessly by giving each cuticle a protective keratin sealant that will last up to 3 months



    *Ultra Smooth Brazilian Blowout Treatment

    A great choice for hair that needs less volume- The ultra smooth has added layers of protective sealant that help reduce volume, loosen curl structure and eliminate frizz. Results last up to 3 months



    * G Hair Keratin Smoothing Treatment

    Perfect sealant for course, thirsty hair- The G hair Keratin treatment replenishes oil back into dry course hair adding shine and decreasing volume. This thirst quencher is recommended for hair that needs added oil. Results last up to 3 months




    Styling Services

    Wash & Blowout 35-

    Blowout beach waves 40-

    Blowout traditional curl 40-

    Blowout iron straight 40-


    Blowout and keratin mending mask 60-

    Blowout and toner 60-

    Blowout and gloss treatment 65-




    Men 30-

    Beard Trim Shaping 15


    Wash/Haircut Only



    Wash/Haircut/Style 65-


    Color / Balayage / Highlighting

    Glossing 45-

    (With blowout style 65-)

    Toner 40-

    (With blowout style 60-)


    ColorRetouch 65-

    (With blowout style 85-)

    Coloring starting at 95-

    (With blowout style 115-)


    Partial foil starting at 90-110

    Full foil starting at 120-140

    (Includes blowout style)


    Balayage Light starting at 110-130

    Balayage Heavy starting at136-156

    (Includes blowout style)


    Wedding hair consultation

    Wedding hair trial styling 1 hour - 75-

    Wedding hair trial styling 2 hour -150-



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